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We are looking for artists and producers with a passion for storytelling and animation to bring our stories to life in a collaborative environment. We have some of the world's most talented artists, producers and leaders that are helping shape the future of filmmaking. We hire in all areas of Art, Story, Layout and Production. If you are interested in joining Paramount Animation, please see what jobs we have open!

  • Art Director
    Paramount Animation through its affiliate Animated Productions Inc. currently has an exciting opportunity for an Art Director (Union) to join the animation team at our Hollywood, CA studio. The Art Director is responsible for overseeing and directing the daily running of the art department from a creative, organizational, and scheduling standpoint, ensuring that the Director’s vision, quality expectation, design concept, and directives are maintained and consistent through all design and conceptual work. To provide continual feedback to the digital departments ensuring the style, consistency, quality, and creative work underway is in keeping with the original vision of the production.   Responsibilities Include: Developing the design concept, style, and quality required taking into account the production schedule and budget. Working with the Director to create and maintain a locked color script for the project, ensuring its adherence through design, texturing, lighting and final renders. Assisting in the hiring of employees in the Art Department Giving day to day creative direction, assignments, supervision and training of the employees in the Art Department. Working with the Digital Departments to ensure the look, style, and quality of the work while meeting the production’s schedule and budget. Overseeing the creation of beat board illustrations, lighting keys, color illustrations, draw-overs and written/verbal notes. Communicating with the creative departments and working as a team with the Director, Producers, Head of Story and Digital Production Creative Supervisors.
My time at Paramount Animation has been some of the most rewarding of my career. The team feels like an extended family.
Sarah Mercey
Storyboard Artist

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