Paramount Pictures recognizes the serious health risks that accompany tobacco use.  That’s why Paramount has developed policies to decrease depictions of smoking and tobacco products in the films it produces, particularly youth-rated films.  To that end, Paramount’s current policies and practices include the following:

  • Paramount Pictures makes no product placement, tie-in or other promotional arrangements with tobacco companies for any of its films, regardless of rating.  No Paramount production may receive consideration of any kind in exchange for depicting tobacco or tobacco-related products in a Paramount film.
  • Paramount discourages the depiction of smoking or tobacco in youth-rated films. Paramount will communicate this policy to its filmmakers, but also will take into account the creative vision of the filmmakers recognizing that there may be situations where a filmmaker believes that the depiction of smoking or tobacco is important to a film.
  • If a Paramount youth-rated film contains depictions of smoking or tobacco, the end credits of the film will include the following language:  “Paramount Pictures Corporation did not receive any payment or other consideration, or enter into any agreement, for the depiction of tobacco products in this film”.
  • If a Paramount youth-rated film contains any depiction of smoking or tobacco, subject to any contractual requirements, Paramount will include on all domestic DVDs an anti-smoking PSA produced by the California Health and Human Services Agency.

Paramount will regularly review the implementation and effectiveness of this policy and may also recommend revisions to this policy.