Women in Animation World Summit Annecy 2021

June 18 2021

Paramount Animation joins the Women in Animation World Summit to celebrate the amazing women that work on our films.

This year for Annecy 2021, Paramount Animation was proud to support and be a part of the third annual Women in Animation World Summit

We joined in with many of the world’s other leading animation studios to celebrate some amazing women in creative roles. Inspired by the idea of reaching for the stars, Star Skipper, Paramount Animation's mascot and the first female animation studio mascot, our video encourages women in creative roles to dream big. President of Paramount Animation, Mireille Soria, asks the wonderful women of Paramount Animation to give their advice to the young star skippers out there looking to break into the animation industry with the many creative roles animation has to offer. 

Featured Women:

1. Mireille Soria – President of Paramount Animation 

2. Dana Bennett Cooney – Production Manager

3. Maya Kambe – Director of Development

4. Ninon Gaudt – VFX Designer

5. Katherine MacDonald – SVP Production 

6. Grace Madigan – Development Assistant 

7. Paulette Emerson – Modeling Supervisor 

8. Sarah Mercey – Storyboard Artist

9. Ebony Williams – Development Assistant 

10. Samantha Avery - Assistant Editor 

11. Kyrsti Schwarz – Marketing Manager

12. Diana Velasquez – Layout Artist 

13. Shannon Jeffries – Production Designer